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Application development

Sometimes you just can't buy it off the shelf. We'll work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met, even when your needs change. We care about making applications that are a delight to use, and solve your problems.

We the web

We can bring your interactive application idea to life on the web. We'll use modern tools and techniques to ensure your application runs on a broad range of devices, from mobiles to tablets to big computer monitors.

Mobile development

If you're looking for "rich" native mobile apps to complement the "reach" from your responsive website, we can set you up with iOS or Android applications quickly and painlessly.

Automated testing

Maybe you're already awesome at website development, but you're having problems with the testing side. We can help you with an automated test suite to give you confidence that everything still works before you press the "Deploy" button.

Our Philosophy


We've been building software for 38 years collectively, and we love our jobs. We understand that to truly succeed, we need to delight both our clients and the end user of our software.

For users, we deliver fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use software.
We combine the best modern methods and modern tools with our years of experience to produce software that people genuinely enjoy using.

For clients, we take the hassle and risk out of the software development process. We use agile techniques to deliver small but fully working chunks of software to you regularly. You'll sleep well at night seeing your ideas spring into life progressively through time. If you've been in the software industry for a while, you won't miss the stress, waste and risk of the traditional "big bang" waterfall approach.

Meet the team

+ Chris Brock

Coding since childhood, Chris has always had a keen interest in making computers do cool things.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Information Technology, Chris has had a varied career working within industries from dairy farming to power generation. His major focus has always been the people that will use the end product, and making sure each and every one of them enjoys the experience.

His most recent role as Technical Lead at LIC involved transitioning a range of products from the desktop to the web, and developing the future of the companies internal data systems.

Chris has a passion for ensuring software delivers benefits to the users as well as the business and integrates well with the organisation.
+64 21 256 0740

+ Darren Bruning

Darren's software development career has taken him through a range of software development positions, with blue-chip companies in NZ, Australia and the UK.

He has also founded two startups. The first (FarmKeeper) was successfully sold as an ongoing business, and is still in use by thousands of farmers. The second (Mojito) is a work-in-progress.

Darren spent many years as a desktop developer, but made the jump to the web development space in 2011. He loves the pace of change and the rapid development of the web, finds that good development practices are just as applicable on the web as they ever were in the desktop space.

Darren is active in the development community, having been the Tauranga Dotnet User Group leader for 18 months before his recent house-exchange adventure to France.

Darren is particularly passionate about automated testing and the quality and maintainability advantages it brings when implemented carefully.
+64 27 552 5459

+ Shannon Skinner

Shannon has dedicated his entire career to developing web solutions which surprise and delight users.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Information Technology in 2000 (with excellence), Shannon has worked his way from a web developer with NIWA to a Senior Developer at Enlighten Designs in Hamilton.

Most recently, Shannon worked at LIC as Technical Lead, in a high-performing team delivering leading-edge web and mobile applications to NZ's dairy farmers.

Shannon has a keen interest in UX - making things not just pretty, but a joy to use.
+64 21 150 1409

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